That's the motto of our chief meat supplier, Mr. Klouda.

Our restaurant offers steaks made from the finest meats.

Meat has been part of our menu for ages and at Mr. Klouda's company, they believe it's the right thing to do. However, it depends on what meat we eat and to what extent. We want to show people that meat is a precious raw material that should be treated as such. Czech nature is rich and gives us a lot, we should take it in moderation and with reason and give it back.

That is why we process meat from farms we know well.

We care about access to animals and the local landscape. We work with farmers who share our philosophy of respect for nature and the circle of life. The season of the year greatly influences when and what meat we offer our customers. We oversee the fattening of the cattle, the farmer's relationship with the animals, and how the slaughtering process is carried out.
The meat always comes to our maturing plant in such a way that it reaches the customers and chefs for immediate processing and we avoid any waste.

Some things grow on you from childhood.

I grew up in the village and every day I helped on my grandfather's farm in Deblin. There were chickens, ducks and geese running around the yard, cows in the pasture, pigs in the pigsty. We grew our own fruit and vegetables and made homemade cheese. From a young age I was part of the cycle of nature and life. I helped when the cows were calving and when the pigs were being slaughtered. There was an order to everything.

I studied meat processing and devoted many years of my life to it.

I gathered experience in the Czech Republic and in the world, went through everything from a butcher to the director of a large meat processing company. But my work was far from the way we handled animals and meat on my grandfather's farm. All this time I told myself that I wanted to have my own business. That I wanted to get back closer to nature and respect it and what it gives us. That's why I started Klouda.

We process meat from Czech and Moravian farms.

We know the origin of the animals, who takes care of them and what they are fed. We work directly with the chefs of the restaurants and bistros we supply meat to. We understand the cycle of nature, meat and its processing methods, which we push further thanks to new technologies. All you have to do is taste it to understand the uniqueness of our work.

Our main focus is on beef and pork processing.

Meat breaking down and subsequent maturation is tailor-made for the catering establishments to which we supply meat. The maturation of meat can be dry or wet and the maturation time also varies. We take the chefs of the restaurants to which we supply meat to our operation. It is important that the chef knows what raw material he is handling, that he understands how the animal grows, is fed and slaughtered. We want them to understand the characteristics of certain muscles, the laws of meat maturation and the appropriate culinary processing.