„Know the real taste of meat coming from free-range farms of genuine Czech breeders"

„The origin of meat is important for us"

The foundation of our menu consists of steaks made of red meat provided by the farms Mitrovsky and Marwin, which operate in the organic regime; this farming method is reflected in the quality and resulting taste of the meat. The menu is supplemented by pork steaks provided by the Sasov organic farm.

The mainstay steaks of our menu come from the following breeds:

Mitrovsky Angus
Steer meat is recognisable by its typical marbling, tenderness and juiciness, which is why it is one of the most popular meats in general.

Aberdeen Angus (MK Klemens)
Meat from young bulls kept on mountain pastures of Beskydy and Jeseníky. Very popular and steak gourmets recognized breed.

Blonde d´Aquitaine (Marwin)
Lean meat with clear marbling is also sought-after due to its juiciness and delicate taste.

Piemontese (Marwin)
Soft meat with less pronounced marbling, appreciated by lovers of lean meat.

Přeštice boar (Sasov)
The only representative of pork to be a purely Czech breed, with unique strong taste; the meat is low-fat and very tender.

„We treat meat with utmost care."

Our goal is to serve the highest quality meat. That is why we keep our meat in maturing chambers. We use modern technologies with the patented Cuomo Method system by the Italian manufacturer ArredoInox. This method utilises the so-called dry meat maturing, resulting in tastier and more mature meat, thus better quality. 

The natural tenderising of the meat takes at least 4–8 weeks, but we can also offer you some exclusive meats which have been maturing in the chambers for as long as 3 months. Specific meat types, such as sirloin, are stored via humid maturing, which is based on keeping the meat in vacuum (in order to prevent unwanted loss of meat).

„We prepare the meat right before your eyes."

Steak preparation is not unlike alchemy. Take a peek right into the kitchen of our head chef, who prepares all of our dishes using the professional Angelo Po grill directly in the central part of the restaurant.